Episodes | The Much Obliged Podcast, A Yellow Balloon Experience

When the lockdown started, Much Obliged members started and participated in a number of online Zoom Meetings, including a literature study meeting every Sunday night and a speaker meeting every Friday Night. This podcast is an extension of the Friday Night Speaker Meeting.

The hosts Matthew Wilson, Lauryn Snelson, and Benji Rosenzweig will have a short discussion with a member of our community, and then you will hear a prerecorded speaker meeting.

The group members come from varied backgrounds and experiences. They will share in a candid way, their backgrounds, where they came from, how they got into their drinking/drug use (or other vices), and how they found recovery. Most importantly, what their life is like now.

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/muchobliged

Instagram: @JahJunkie